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Schools Gardens and Grounds
School Grounds

At Forest Schools Birmingham we are very much aware that most of our children do not have free access to green spaces and wooded areas as many of us used to when we were children.

wild in woods
Wild in the Woods

We measure our success in terms of happy, engaged children. Our Wild in the Woods programs were inspired by our motivation to reach as many children as possible.

Wild in the Woods sessions are specifically aimed at those requiring after-school and weekend provision. This allows children, who may not be able to access Forest Schools or Outdoor Learning via their school, to join a local group.

Wild in the Woods programs are based upon the Forest School ethos. Children have the opportunity to safely play in small, local, urban woodlands. Children experience and learn a range of new skills ,including den building, campfire cooking and whittling, while forging relationships with other children in the natural environment.


These programs are ideally suited to Extended Provision, Community Projects and private sector. We welcome any enquiries.

In 2008, we were commissioned to conduct a Study Determining the Feasibility of Weekend Woodland Play. For a full copy of the report on disk, please contact us.

Traditional Craft
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We measure our success in terms of happy, engaged children.

Our mentoring programs were inspired by our recognition of the significant impact that working closely with an individual had on their self esteem and behaviour.

Mentoring Programs are specifically aimed at those requiring extra support in school. They are proving particularly successful with disengaged learners and those with behavioural difficulties and low self esteem.

Mentoring Programs are based upon the Forest School ethos. Learning is scaffolded, gradually building confidence and skills at the learners own pace over a minimum of 6 weeks.

traditional craft
Murals and Willow Sculptures

We are honoured to be working with a local willow artist who has been involved with numerous stunning willow projects throughout Birmingham. Planting a living willow structure or sculpture on your grounds is a fantastic gift to give children and adults alike. Children can see and experience the wonder of planting the willow then, as the seasons progress, they become involved in the maintenance as they structure grows hair (willow withies) which get woven back in. Do you have a grassed area that is unused? Give us a call.

Working with talented local artists, we have been brightening up dull spaces with vibrant murals. Many playgrounds today are composed of concrete and brick, with little stimulus to spark a child's imagination. We theme your mural to suit your requirements. We turn a lifeless space into a magical wonderland!Tell us what you want and we will interpret it before your very eyes...


Our founder Nick Wale was one of the first practising Forest School Practitioners in the midlands.  

Nick’s early training is in Conservation and he has gone on to become one of the most respected authorities in Forest School, Outdoor Learning, Produce Growing and Sustainable School Grounds development in Birmingham.  

Working closely with the City Council, Rangers Service, and City Parks dept. plus 100's of schools around the region, Nick is the one-stop-shop for all the knowledge and expertise you need.



½ Day Consultancy starts at £200

Full-day from £300 – Dependant on location.

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