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forest school
Forest School Programmes
Meet Ryan, a young forest schooler selected for anger management issues

Forest School is a methodology of education which has proven results in accessing a child's imagination, social skills and independence.  It has profound effects on a child's well-being and fosters a deep love of the Natural World


The impact has been so successful in schools, throughout the Midlands region, that increasingly schools are now investing in year round Forest School practitioners to work with their children throughout the seasons.

A typical program will involve working with small, targeted, groups using a high adult to child ratio for a minimum of 12 weeks (1 term). These groups may be selected for a number of reasons: low self-esteem, school phobia, poor attendance, anger management and ASD are recent examples.


The group meets weekly, usually for 2-3 hrs per session, ideally in a woodland setting and children are taken on a journey of self discovery and development where SEAL (Social and Emotional Aspects of Learning) is incorporated into every step. 


Children learn in a purely kinaesthetic manner. This avoids alienating children who struggle with the standard visual and auditory method of teaching.

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The heart and soul of our business is about making a difference, for the better, in the wellbeing of a community. We passionately believe in nuturing and empowering people to take ownership and responsibility in their communities by creating beautiful, creative outdoor spaces where people can grow. These spaces act as a hub for like minded people to come together and vision change.

Community Engagement
community engagement

A sample of our community work at Erdington Festival.

We are proud to announce a new movie!

'A Year at Kingstanding Food Community'


One of our passions is reconnecting schools and families with growing their own food.


There is growing interest in healthy eating, organics, sustainability, locality and the pure satisfaction of growing your own.


So it is no surprise that learning to grow at school is fast becoming one of the most popular and accessible outdoor learning projects within education.

Edible Schools can provide experienced award winning edible educators to run daily sessions with your children throughout the growing season.


We work with many schools across the west midlands enabling children, families and communities to grow their own food.

Edible Schools
edible schools
outdoor learning
Outdoor Learning Programmes

The aim of Outdoor Learning is to provide stimuli without walls, extend possibilities, capture a child’s imagination, engage learners and make learning exciting and fun!

Outdoor Learning allows flexibility with the amount of children and the duration of a program.

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